Our Story…

A hidden gem lying on the Flores Sea

We are Valentina, a Marine Biologist and a Dive Master, and Mauro, a PADI IDC STAFF instructor, SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor and PSS instructor.

We built our experience in the scuba diving business by managing dive resorts and dive centers around the world. We have been working in several locations such as Australia, Hawaii, Oman, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia both in Biologic Research and in the Dive Business.

In 2013, while on a dive trip, we discovered the beauty of a hidden gem lying on the Flores Sea. We instantly fell in love with it. This magical place was Moyo Island. 

We made the land choice from under the water

Our vision was not a matter of buying the land itself, it was more about having easy access to the reef in front of the land. So the choice was made from under the water, while diving rather then by walking along the beach and in the jungle.

The choice fell on a 1 hectare beach front plot located on the tip of Tanjung Sejelek, east coast of Moyo island. The location is secluded, surrounded by pristine jungle, offers stunning views of the sunset and it’ s just a few meters away from one of the best dive spots of the island.

A new resort and... a newborn resident of Moyo

Due to the remote location of the island, it took over 2 years to open the Blue EmOcean’ s doors for the first time. The first invitations to visit the resort were limited to a bunch of family members and close friends, while the constructions were completed.


In 2017, the Blue EmOcean Resort & Dive Center was finally ready to host divers, adventures lovers, trekkers and honeymooners from all over the world. 


Our daughter Alyssa was born in Italy in 2017 and brought to Indonesia when she was 3 months old. She is now a Moyo island resident, living inside the Blue EmOcean Resort. This is when we started to live permanently on the island.

valentina & mauro scuba

More friends joined the adventure

In 2018 Renato Ticozzi and his wife Liza joined the team of the Blue EmOcean resort and started to live permanently on the island as well.

Right before joining us, they successfully run the Kura Kura resort on Karimunjava in Indonesia and the Andaman Resort in Myanmar for well over a decade.

Renato is an experienced Course Director with over 30 years experience in the scuba diving field.

Liza, Indonesian is a Dive Master and she is also our link with the country that hosts us. She takes care of all our relationships with the Indonesian government, local institutions and she is in charge for the training of our local staff.

This is our story and the tale of our dreams becoming reality. 
Today we invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey! 
Come see with your own eyes the untouched beauty of Moyo Island and explore the Marine life of the Flores Sea.
aerial moyo island view

Exploring Moyo

A mythical, tropical paradise with dreamy beaches and flamboyant reefs, overshadowed by fierce volcanoes. Read about the island and what you can do here.

Getting to Moyo

This article will give you information on how to reach the Moyo Island from: Lombok, Sumbawa, Bali and Jakarta . Please take your time to go through it.