Your first steps (or fin strokes) in Scuba Diving

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Scuba diving offers a huge, immense, enormous variety of courses and specialties. You may decide which course to take according to your skills, needs, interests, location, favorite holiday destination, budget and… you name it!  Dive courses and specialties range from the Recreational Diving: rescue diver, cave diver, deep diver, night diver, marine life identification, wreck […]

moyo island beach cleaning


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2nd Beach Cleaning of the season The last 2 days have been all about beach cleaning at Blue emOcean. Renato and Liza, our managers, together with our staff, managed to involve the local community from the nearby village to help us during the cleaning process. About 10 people from Brang Rea village joined the cleaning […]

nadd stand eudi show 2019


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This was the first time that our Blue emOcean Resort was listed as exhibitor at the European Dive Show in Bologna, Italy. All the major dive operators were in Bologna on 1st , 2nd and 3rd May at their boots inside the Bologna Fair. As NADD partner, Blue emOcean Resort and our own Moyo Dive […]

Tropical garden at Blue emOcean - Moyo Island

2 Season… AND A 3rd one!

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By:  Jack, Indonesian Head of Gardening & Landscaping Team at Blue emOcean Resort Moyo Island has basically two seasons:  dry and rainy. I and members of my team were all born and raised on Moyo Island, and we have lived with its kind of climate since our childhood. All of us have to plan and manage our […]

Lunch at Blue emOcean Moyo Island


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By: Panca. Indonesian Resident Chef – Blue emOcean Resort After one week of meeting every day with the management team of Blue emOcean Resort(BER), we are finally ready to launch our new menu. Managing the BER Restaurant on Moyo Island comes with the huge challenges associated with being in such a remote location. On the other hand, we […]